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Safety Standards

Certified  products are independently tested by organisations such as SAI Global who assesses the product/s to check if they meet the relevant national and international standards.  By having the
five ticks Certified Product Standards Mark  it ensures that the material, product, method or service is fit for its purpose, ensures consumer safety and that it performs the way it was intended.   It confirms to the public they can have trust and confidence in the practice and that the practice can deliver a high level product .

Compliant products are where manufacturers conduct product testing to ensure their products meet industry, national and international standards.  It is implied that the product satisfies all the requirements that are essential for it to be considered safe and suitable for its intended purpose.  Meeting  the requirements to have a product comply with AS/NZS Standards is a legal obligation. 
Any product that is released must meet the Standards for which that product must comply.

Safety Eyewear Express
guarantees that the safety eyewear the company provides meets  SAI Global Certified AS/NZS Standards and Manufacturer Compliant AS/NZS  Standards for the following:
       • AS/NZS 1337     Eye Protectors for Industrial Applications
       • AS/NZS 1336     Recommended Practices for Occupational Eye Protection
       • AS/NZS 1337.6  Prescription Eye Protectors against low and medium impact
       • AS/NZS 1067     Sunglasses and Fashion Spectacles

Low Impact:  
Will withstand an impact from a 6.35mm diameter ball bearing travelling at a velocity of 12 metres per second (43.2kph).   Suitable for use by a wide range of workers, including painters, dentists, school students, veterinarians and nurses.

Medium Impact:
Will withstand an impact from a 6.35mm diameter ball bearing travelling at a velocity of 40 metres per second (144kph).  Suitable for use by a wide range of workers, including yard maintenance machinery operators, miners, school students, factory employees and heavy machinery operators.

Included in this category are goggles suitable for bike and motorbike riders and other industry applications.

Remember, standards are always changing.
S.E.E. will keep you informed.





Australlian Standards

This is for products
Certified by SAI Global

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