Things you should know
about your glasses

: It’s simple. Wash in cold water with a dab of dishwashing liquid and dry with a soft tissue. No kitchen access? Then splash some water from a bottle or tap on the glasses to clean them. Shake them dry. DON’T wipe them on a workshirt or a dirty rag. Scratches are permanent.

Use the bottle of lens cleaner provided by S.E.E. with every pair of prescription safety glasses. NEVER use lens wipes (unless certified by S.E.E. or your local optometrist) as they often contain harmful solvents which damages lenses and that means a shorter life for your safety glasses.

Always store your prescription safety glasses in the hard case provided by S.E.E. Constantly taking your glasses on and off? Use a spec cord so you won’t lose them.

If you do all the right things your safety prescription glasses should last on average between 12 and 18 months. Excessive exposure to heat can result in premature damage. Scratching results in weakness and seriously impacts on the effectiveness of the lens. Under new guidelines the repair of safety glasses may no longer be allowed, depending on circumstances. Take good care of your glasses.

Remember, standards are always changing.
S.E.E. will keep you informed.



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